IDN-03 Intensive Care incubator for Newborns


The incubator is designed for nursing and intensive care of newborns, including premature babies with a critically low weight (from 500 g) in neonatal intensive care units, intensive care units, newborn pathology departments, emergency and medical pediatric departments, maternity hospitals.


  • Availability of the system of automatic horizoning of the children's module
  • Built-in video camera for monitoring the state of newborns with output to a PC (option)
  • It is possible to complete with a functional cape for children's couveuse
  • The self-diagnosis system that controls the incubator functioning
  • 6 windows of access to the newborn, folding panels on both sides

Monitored parameters

  • Air temperature
  • Skin temperature (2 sensors)
  • Relative humidity
  • Oxygen concentration
  • Body mass


  • Microprocessor control
  • Adjusting the slope of the pediatric module
  • Built-in memory (recording up to 7 days)
  • Displaying trends on the monitor
  • Possibility of performing X-ray study
  • Independent overheating protection system


Temperature control inside the pediatric module
from 30 to 39°С
Temperature control by the baby's skin
from 34 to 39°С
Measurement pitch
Allowable error
Relative humidity control
from 20% to 95%
Oxygen concentration control
from 21 to 75%
Vertical movement (lifting) of the pediatric module
240 mm
Pediatric module angle of inclination
12 deg.
Continuous operation time
more than 72 hours
Sound level in the pediatric module
45 dBA
Safety class
Overall dimensions (height x width x length)
1,650mm x 750mm x 1,100mm