ITN-01 Transport Incubator


The  ITN-01 transport incubator ensures the maintenance of optimal parameters for the newborn during its transportation in an ambulance or helicopter (according to the air-oxygen regime, the temperature regime, the soundproofing mode). By its equipment, this incubator is almost inferior to stationary versions. ITN-01 is indispensable in the regional Centres for the transportation of newborns from rural hospitals to the city's large medical institutions, regional children's clinical hospitals, perinatal Centres and maternity and childhood institutions.


  • Servo control of skin and air temperature
  • LED indicators display: set temperature, the temperature in the space under the cover, the temperature of the baby's body, the  battery charging level
  • Double-walled cover
  • Oxygen cylinders with fastening
  • Infusion rack
  • Sound and light alarms in all parameters
  • Illumination of the pediatric compartment
  • Pneumatic folding trolley with shock absorber
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for autonomous operation
  • Ability to work from the on-board network of a car, helicopter
  • Completing with functional cape is possible


Temperature control inside the pediatric module
from 25 °С to 38 °С
Temperature control by the baby's skin
from +34 °С to +37,5 °С
Measurement pitch
Deviation of indications
Relative air humidity in the pediatric module, in the wet sponges are available
below 60%
Oxygen concentration control
from 21 to 58%
Continuous operation time
more than 72 hours.
Sound level in the pediatric module
50 dBA
CO2 concentration in the module
below  0.5%
Safety class
Battery life at one charge
90 minutes
Overall dimensions
1,100 mm x 550 mm x 1,130 mm